samedi, novembre 07, 2015

It's official; Haiti election has been fixed and stolen from the people

The results of an October 25, 2015 vote, heavily influenced by fraud

The US and the Martelly government fixed and stoled the election from the people of Haiti. Now will the people of Haiti rise up and fight for their right?
The results of an October 25, 2015 vote, heavily influenced by fraud, placed the ruling party’s candidate, Jovenel Moïse, atop the presidential race with 32%. He was followed by Jude Celestin with 24% and Jean-Charles Moïse 14% according to the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of Pierre Louis Opont.
The numbers put the ruling party, PHTK’s, Jovenel Moïse and LAPEH’s, Jude Celestin, into a second round runoff election to be held on December 27, 2015, but the votes of the former is being contested by the latter, the third place candidate Jean-Charles Moïse of Pitit Dessalines, and most all of the candidates in the top 10.

Some arrests of PHTK aligned parties were made on election day and many more were likely ignored. A massive multiple-voting fraud operation that estimates to a tripling Jovenel Moïse’s numbers is alleged. The CEP has not investigated fraud complaints and undertook a tabulation process that lacked transparency. The 9-member CEP received 162 formal complaints of fraud before closing a 48 hour window where it would not accept anymore. It constituted itself an investigating committee and chose to only address 42 of the complaints which were accompanied by a pwoseverbal. A summary of votes counted at polling stations. After boxes of unsecured election ballots, filled and unfilled, were uncovered throughout the week following the election day, the Tet Kale regime had circulated a note declaring ballots no longer important, effectively precluding any recount but also making fraud investigations difficult. On Friday October 30, 2015, CEP President Pierre Louis Opont reiterated the same declaration. It is possible that up to 62% of votes cast were not of those listed on the electoral rolls but of party agents. An operation of massive fraud is suspected by local election observers who denounced the lack of transparency at the Vote Tabulation Center (CTV). The important step of choosing a group of lawyers who would review the expected 13,725 pwoseverbals arriving at the CTV was not done in transparency. To date, the names of these officials which chose to quarantine or accept the tally sheets has not been made public. Less than 1% of the tally sheets brought to the CTV were removed for irregularities. Political party leaders and election observers forward suggestions to the CEP of methods that could reveal the participation rate of more than 911,000 possible mandateurs, or party agents, in the overall figured turnout of 1.5 million voters. The CEP summarily did not take any recommendations made to it except that which came from the regime, which declared ballots no longer important. Jovenel Moïse, the candidate for president of the totalitarian ruling party, Parti Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK), came onto the national stage in May of 2015 and was announced winner of the first round of presidential elections with 32%. His victory is being contested by most all of the top ten presidential candidates.

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