jeudi, novembre 12, 2015

Breaking news: BIG TROUBLE for PHTK Party & Tet Kale Camp

President Michel Joseph Martelly faces the final challenge of his mandate
Yesterday had started out with a bang
Making the tour of the capital's media, a deputy, newly elected under the banner of the presidential party, the PHTK, explained that it has a fraud mechanism in place in the last election. In his remarks, Antoine Rodon Bien-Aime has accused namely a Canadian citizen working for UNOPS to be at the heart of the conspiracy to replace the minutes.

MP Beloved supports the theory that false papers, false records exist, have existed and served. In this aspect of this fraud case, the United Nations and those of the National Palace are cited as accomplices or co-authors. They would have printed true-false sensitive materials, endorsed the hiring of Sylvain Coté and covered the operation.

Sylvain Cote is an expert on electoral issues and a great connoisseur of Haitian affairs. He worked for the IDB, MINUSTAH, OAS, USAID, CIDA and NDI before taking on the position of UNOPS on Electoral logistics. UNDP, other UN agency, the Haitian elections budget control and was under fire precisely because of the opacity of its management of the production of newsletters used for these elections.

No returns or refutation of the charges have yet been pronounced. If one adds to the accusations made by the hon those candidates Sauveur Pierre Etienne and Dieuseul Simon Desras, we are left with a network of allies covered by diplomatic immunity and the iron law in force in states like Haiti that bankrupts wants one who gives orders and can even cheat at will. The National Palace and the nebula that revolves around power are also identified as printers of the most sensitive election materials: newsletters and minutes.

Another type of organization is cited since the elections on 25 October as the heart fraud operations. These are institutions that have ambulance with a red cross symbol of neutrality on their vehicles. Several institutions have defended the charges, but the fact remains that this is the first time for an election, on October 25, there were so many ambulances in the streets and so few casualties.

The last four days we bring news of the elections. On the waves of Magik 9, Renald Luberice, adviser Jovenel Moise, the candidate won the presidential election, said the party has PHTK minutes that give it a more comfortable lead than indicated in the results announced by the CEP. The party of President Michel Martelly gave up present challenges.
If one understands the magnanimity of PHTK the official results are not reliable, although some are content.

So when in the early evening, Wednesday, the Electoral Council released a note to say he could identify, after investigation and analysis, within 296 minutes of fraud, it was believed that the results of the presidential election were going be changed. Nothing of the sort. The note states that the minutes had been problem sidelined and therefore have no effect on the tabulation process.

Note the CEP does not respond to letters of the seven candidates, nor to the dissatisfaction of PHTK. Maryse Narcisse nor to complaints or those of candidate ranked 42nd out of 54 candidates.

As if the credibility of the Electoral Council needed to be placed on the grill, an electoral adviser Jacceus Joseph, who has not signed nor approved the results of the presidential and legislative ones, came out of his silence. Radio Kiskeya, on Wednesday, he confessed that its grounds for refusal is doubt that lives on the credibility of the tabulation process. He even added that he believed that other CEP members shared his concerns and wanted all light be shed before he finds that this was not the case.

A member of the electoral council, Nehemiah Joseph, stormed out of the Council, there is barely a month. In his resignation letter, Nehemiah Joseph wrote: "Today I have, increasingly, the conviction to complete my mission pouring into illegality."

With challenges to 8 of the first 9 of the Presidential classified (including 7 out of the terms of the electoral decree) and events of the day and those that are announced for the coming hours, the electoral process slowly from its rails. The power Tet Kale and Electoral Council are the only ones who continue to pretend that all is well.
The actors of the international community, such as those of the local political scene, fueling unease. They maintain doubts that will eventually turn into problems.

For the next few days or for the coming years, we are to weave a web of complex irreversible and we make the bed of the continued weakness of our institutions.

Who will say stop it!?
As said tonight on Twitter former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, "President Michel Joseph Martelly faces the final challenge of his mandate: an acceptable conclusion of the presidential election. "

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