jeudi, février 27, 2014

Police searching kidnapping suspects with ties to Presidency .

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( - Police confirmed Tuesday of having freed a Syrian-American businessman named Sami El Aziz, who was kidnapped for a ransom of $1.3 million [US] on February 17. Some arrests were made and the criminal never received their ransom but the police say they are still searching for other participants, among others, Sonson Lafamilia, a close confidant of the National Palace who provides security for the sons of President Michel Martelly, Olivier and T-Micky.

El Aziz was free on February 21 but little information about the kidnapping and the police operation were known to the public, many believe because elements with direct ties with the Haitian government were involved. In fact, credible sources say an official vehicle from the Ministry of the Interior was used, the home where the kidnappers operated was owned by a government official and the heavy firearms seized could only have been provided by persons with ties to law enforcement.
The gang responsible for the kidnapping is responsible for at least 18 other kidnappings among other crimes. Sonson Lafamilia is said to be the ring leader.
Lafamilia was arrested in 2009 when he was found with $3 million [US] in cash and three dead bodies in his car. He was subsequently released "provisionally" by a judge.
Then-Director of the Haitian National Police, Mario Andresol, lawmakers and human rights organizations vehemently denounced the presence of Lafamilia in President Michel Martelly's entourage and his leadership in providing security for the sons of the self-proclaimed "bandi legal" (organized gangster) Olivier and T-Micky.

Haitian Government and Organized Crime

This has become only another branch of unseeming relationships that the Haitian government has with organized criminals.
Daniel Evinks, a businessman from Les Cayes who has been missing since the beginning of 2014 was arrested within his possession, 23 kilos of marijuana. Human rights organizations exclaimed distaste in the 24-hour release of Evinks who is a close friend to President Michel Martelly, in fact, having hosted the president for several days in late 2013.
Evinks has been missing since 2014. He was interviewed by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on December 20, 2013 but information regarding that interview have been kept silent.
Clifford Brandt, a member of a wealthy family in Haiti was arrested for being the leader of a powerful kidnapping ring. Brandt's number 2 was head of the National Palace secret security who was release from prison in November 2013. Brandt is also a long time friend of the Martelly's having hosted the former-musician at his home a number of times.
A businessman named Rodolphe Jaar was arrested in the Dominican Republic for drug trafficking. Jaar was a business partner and friend to the Martelly family and was extradited to the United States to face more disturbing charges.

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