vendredi, janvier 03, 2014

Cuba will not abandon Haiti..." says Castro

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba  - The Cuban President Raúl Castro warned in his speech Wednesday, January 1, in Santiago de Cuba, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the revolution, that his country will never leave the Haitian people, who always said, you can count on their modest collaboration. The declaration was made in general terms but the light of the recent Constitutional Tribunal ruling in the Dominican Republic was not ignored by Cuban press.

This statement, which led to the applause of several thousands of guests to the activity, occurred at a time in which Castro alluded to the date of the Haitian independence, also a first of January, which he said had a great impact in Cuba, noting that Haitian blood runs through the veins of many Cubans according to Diario Libre.
"Both nations have had to pay a high price for daring to confront the dominant empires," Raul said, while reiterating proclaimed "brother, the Haitian people and their government, that the Cubans never wil abandon you, and always will have our modest contribution."
Striking was the applause he received at this part of Castro's speech, leaving the room feeling that the warning was related to a recent event, and not an event, such as the Haitian independence, that day 210 years ago, but the Dominican Constitutional Court 168-13 ruling.

By the judgment of the TC?

By the tone of discourse and the live reaction of the concurrency, not few people that watched on television the Cuban President, concluded that it was a reference to the current situation created from the 168-13 ruling, which sets criteria for nationality, issued by the Dominican Constitutional Court.
One can see some similarity in the recent warning that Nicolas Maduro, made that "who get to Haiti gets with Venezuela", and the Raúl Castro that never leave the Haitian people, nor to their Government.
On the Haitian event, Castro said that it was the first revolution in the Latin American and Caribbean region, "which was also the first and only victory of a revolutionary movement led by black slaves who fought against that shameful system and at the same time for national independence".

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